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Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Art by Michelle Dong, staff artist

The nights are different for everyone in my family. My dad’s night is enjoying noodles, beef, and kimchi, with chopsticks my generation does not touch. It is a good laugh of a general, while the halls shift to be soldiers at ease. My mother’s is quiet but there, tapping keys or closing cabinets, the sound of a voice from church, or the sound of silence. And my sister, usually finished with her work, has the night to herself. It’s loud, or soft, predictable, so you know when something is up.

But for me, my night, my entire day, is structure, routine, discipline. I want to feel productive until my head hits the pillow. Checking off my to-do list. It's a rush of dopamine, getting 100, a happy ending, or falling asleep to I love you. Eyelids closed, head heavy, and finally I say good night.


Bio: Joy Song is a high school sophomore from Long Island, New York. She enjoys creating works of art through different mediums, such as writing, playing clarinet, and cooking. Joy has received a certificate from the National Council of Teachers in English: the Promising Young Writers Program. Joy was also Editor-in-Chief of the literary magazine Rebel Pen at her middle school. In her spare time, Joy likes to dabble in calligraphy, and can often be found taking walks or baking cookies.

The Incandescent Studio Blog Series

Note: image credit to Wix

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