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The Incandescent Microgrant

Nurturing Creativity Around The World.

The Incandescent Microgrant program is intended to provide support for teenage creative explorers in need of funding to pursue projects that will enhance the global creative arts community. We seek to help those with ambitious visions. There is no restriction on the type of project allowed, send us any ideas you have!

Microgrant applications are now closed. 

Funds Breakdown







NOTE: Our funds come from the success of our summer writing studio! Thank you to all who participated and we’re excited to see how the money will support other creative explorers.

Submission Criteria

  • The proposed project should be completed within six months of funds being given. Exceptions may be made in special circumstance

  • Projects should be aimed towards uplifting a global community of youth virtuosos through experimentation and exploration. 

Some ideas that may fit what we’re looking for…

  • A specialized gallery event in your local community (or other in-person initiative)

  • Production for a short film pertaining to a relevant social issue or personal experience

  • An experimental artwork, writing, or other creative venture that requires funding

Submission Guide


How To Apply

  • Project Proposal

    • Project summary

    • Detailed plan of execution

    • Breakdown usage of funds

    • Timeline/vision

    • Other useful information include team members/partners, other sources of funding, points of validation, websites, etc.

  • 50-150 word response: Why should we choose your project? How does your project/initiative support the global youth creative arts community? 

  • Proof of Authenticity: Provide a link to either a Resumé, CV, Website, LinkedIn, or any documentation for authentication.

  • Any other supporting documents (financial plans, videos, photographs, websites, and other multimedia that may be relevant)

Program Timeline

October 3


Microgrant Applications Open

November 30


Microgrant Applications Close

December 15


Winners Notified



Projects featured on Incandescent Micro Grant Website and published on media outlets



Monthly check-ins with grant recipients



Project results are featured on page

Have More Questions?

Email us at with the subject line, "Attn: The Incandescent Microgrant_Inquiry."

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