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The Founders

The Incandescent Review  was founded by artist & writer Ariel Kim as the CEO & Editor-in-Chief and a founding executive board committee of the following members:


Esther Kim (Founding Creative Writing Director), Sofia Miller (Founding Art & Design Director), Ocean Wei (Founding Critical Writing Team Director), Minnie Zhang (Founding Director of The Incandescent Studio), Ethan Phan (Founding Finance Manager), Samson Zhang (Founding Video & Spoken Word Director ), Emily Huang (Founding General Manager), and Annie Guo (Founding Director of the Marketing Team).

Alumni Acknowledgements

The Incandescent Review  has only been made possible thanks to the strenuous contributions of our alumni, including but not limited to:


Julia Do (Critical Writing Director '21), Ronnie Volman (Critical Writing Director '21), Izzy Burgess (Critical Writing Manager '21), Natalie Ryan (Video & Spoken Word Director '21), Eshan Vishwakarma (Film & Spoken Word Manager '21), Rhea Dharia (Video & Spoken Word Director '23), Anjali Jimenez (General Manager '20), Jonathan Fu (Creative Writing '20), Mia Gong-Swanson (Creative Writing '20), Julie Ham (Creative Writing '20), Vivien Song (Creative Writing '20), Sam Bowden (Creative Writing '21), Jabez Choi (Creative Writing '21), Saule Konstantinavicus (Creative Writing '21), Alina Yisi Liu (Creative Writing '21), Julie A. Larick (Creative Writing Manager), Esti Goldstein (Creative Writing '21), Eve Jensen (Creative Writing '21), Jane Wen (Creative Writing '21), Krithika Shrinivas (Creative Writing '21), Chiara Caremoli (Creative Writing '21), Alejandra Medina (Creative Writing '21), Ashley Bao (Creative Writing '21), Shreya Vikram (Creative Writing '21), Kristine Ma (Creative Writing '22), Alana Adoll Brown-Davis (Creative Writing '22), Ava Shaw (Critical Writing '22) Vaishnavi Naidu (Critical Writing '21), Katie D'Angelo (Critical Writing '21), Victor Xia (Critical Writing '21), Edozie Umunna (Critical Writing '21), Varun Mandgi (Critical Writing '21), Caitlyn Hill (Critical Writing '21), Rebecca Cho (Critical Writing '22), Rex Beaver (Critical Writing '22), Samantha Hsiung (Critical Writing '22), Diya Mehta (Critical Writing '22), Japgun Kaur (Critial Writing '22), Sammy Baek (Critical Writing '22), Sandi Shao (Art & Web Design '20), Angela Liu (Art & Web Design '20), Helen Liu (Art & Web Design '21), Kate Ma (Art & Web Design '21), Alyssa Paek (Art & Web Design '21), Ananya Singh (Art & Web Design '21), Rebecca Song (Art & Web Design '21), Rita Chen (Art & Web Design '21), Aldwin Li (Art & Web Design '22), Isabelle Lu (Art & Web Design '22), Joanna Chen (Art & Web Design '22), Vicky Wang (Art & Web Design '22), Vismaya C (Art & Web Design '23), Madison Newman (Film & Spoken Word '21), Jillian Miu (Film & Spoken Word '21), Oyindoubra Akika (Film & Spoken Word '21), Whitney Tran (Marketing '21), Erin Limb (Marketing '21), Colson Ganthier (Fundraising & Activism '21), Min Hur (Fundraising & Activism Director), Annalena Stache (Fundraising & Activism '21), Jennifer Baek (Co-CEO & Editor-in-Chief), Kevin Zhu (Co-CEO & Editor-in-Chief), Noreen Chen (General Manager '23), Michelle Dong (Art & Web Design Director '23), Serena Sang (Art & Web Design '23), Jenna Tse (Art & Web Design '23), Ashton Leung (Art & Web Design '23), Katie Tian (Creative Writing Director), Ada Wang (Marketing Director), Carolyn Wang (Fundraising & Finance Director), Naann Shao (Video & Spoken Word Director '21)

Think you'd make a great addition to the team?

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