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Letter from our Blog Staff

Dear reader,

Welcome to the Incandescent Review blog. Our blog relies on the contribution of the talented young writers from our Creative and Critical Writing teams and the dedicated artists in our Art & Design team. We publish a post every day at 2:00 p.m. EST.


Every Monday, we upload a poetry post. Through poetry, sometimes, we look to the past (“Sunrise”) to cope with the present (“Isolation”). Other times, we use the present to question what the future will hold (“Quarantine tasting sour”).


Every Tuesday, we upload a podcast episode. Our podcast team is hosted by four teenagers across the U.S., discussing topics relevant to our life and larger issues going on in the world (and we try to be funny).


Every Wednesday, we upload a prose post. We delve into our own stories and unpackage the stories of others, often pausing on the moments we want to carry close and those we want to let go.


Every Thursday, we upload a news story. What are the non-profit organizations that help the vulnerable populations during this pandemic? How is Covid-19 affecting air pollution? What about the economic damage?


Every Friday, we upload a culture review. From the fallibility of dreams ("Breakfast at Tiffany’s") to the meaning of life ("When Breath Becomes Air"), our staff members evaluate the most exciting content just for you.


Every Saturday, we upload an editorial. How is the U.S. handling the coronavirus? What do teenagers think about mental health, standardized tests, and current political situation? What does it mean to be an Asian American?


Every Sunday, we upload a student resource article. What are the best places to submit your work as a high schooler? What are some challenges that every writer faces (and how do you overcome them)? What advice would you give to your younger self as a writer?


Thank you for visiting our blog. Be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter to keep updated on our newest featured posts and more from The Incandescent Review!

The Incandescent Review Blog Staff

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