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A Companion Always by Your Side

Artwork Joanna Chen, staff artist

By Lucia Xiao

A book is like a constant friend,

The most endearing and calm of teachers

They fill your mind with lively songs

They fill your heart with love

As you turn the wispy pages,

That fly like fallen leaves,

You hear the tales told from the past,

Wisdom from ages passing down

At first it is just a tiny speck,

A little spark within the night

But as you travel from tale to tale,

A fire of imagination starts to burn

Lessons are taught, sorrow is shared

You feel as if you are holding a baby

Precious, wonderful, lovely

A book is like a constant friend,

The most accessible and quiet teachers


Contributor's Note: I want to thank my mentor Nicole, for helping me come up with ideas for my poetry and helping me grow! A Companion Always By Your Side expresses my love for books. I realize that books can be your closest friend and teachers who can open your eyes to new experiences, and I wanted others to understand that as well.

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