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Welcome to The Incandescent Review's Film & Spoken Word section! The Incandescent Review's mission is to empower young artists and amplify their voices by providing a platform for creative expression. The Film & Spoken Word section extends this mission beyond the page, hosting bi-weekly film competitions, weekly spoken word poetry highlights, and releasing documentary/journalistic pieces, in addition to larger competitions and interdisciplinary initiatives with other sections of the magazine.

Our work is possible because of the incredibly talented and passionate filmmakers, animators, poets, and other artists that make up our team, as well as those who work with and submit their work to us. We hope to build meaningful relationships with all the young artists we interact with, forming a network of artists of diverse backgrounds and levels of experience, so please don't hesitate to submit your work, apply to join our team, or just reach out to us if you have any questions or ideas!

The first round of spoken word submissions will open on Thursday, July 30th, closing on Friday, August 7th, with highlights selected and published on Monday, August 10th. Spoken word highlights will then be published weekly, with submissions accepted on a rolling basis. Read submission guidelines and submit your piece or performance here!

The first round of film submissions will open on Friday, July 31st, closing on Monday, August 10th, with winners selected and published on Friday, August 14th. The following Friday, features on the winning submissions will be published, such as interviews with winning filmmakers. Film competitions will run on a biweekly cycle, with winners selected every other week, and submissions accepted on a rolling basis. Read submission guidelines and submit your film here!

Check out all of our videos on our YouTube channel, or continue to our website page to see curated content. We hope you enjoy!


Samson Zhang
Video Team Director

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