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The Incandescent Review

Founded by Ariel Kim during the global COVID-19 pandemic March 2020, The Incandescent Review is a nonprofit magazine & blog dedicated to illuminating youth voices. It is run by an interdisciplinary team based on collaboration between different specializations, including filmography, visual art, creative writing, journalism, marketing, and more. Since then, The Incandescent Review has released daily blog posts, published quarterly literary magazine issues, and launched projects such as The Incandescent Studio, a 5-week-long hybrid online mentorship program for young writers. The Incandescent Review believes in the power of youth to fuel positive change and aims to contribute through youth empowerment, advocacy, and expression.

Our Vision

According to the National Institutes of Health, nearly 1 in 3 of all adolescents ages 13 to 18 will experience an anxiety disorder. These numbers have been skyrocketing into the recent years, as issues such as global warming, school shootings, and COVID-19 evoke feelings of helplessness and despair.


Here at The Incandescent Review, we are committed to the solution. We are an entirely non-profit, teen-run literary magazine, and our team hails from across the globe: from San Diego to Toronto, from Chicago to Shanghai. Our purpose is to create a platform for teens and young adults to express their opinions and emotional response to world issues in the form of poetry, prose, visual art, and more. We also hope to be part of the solution to world problems such as global warming and COVID-19 by collecting funds through writing and art contests supporting young artists, writers, and musicians.


"Creative engagement can decrease anxiety, stress, and mood disturbances," according to a 2010 study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. In other words, by encouraging the production of creative work through our literary magazine and working as a platform to share it, we aim to take a stand against mental illness while simultaneously fighting against world problems.

The word "incandescent" has a double meaning: it contains the imagery of a "luminous glow" while representing a "burning passion." Within the word, it also contains the phrase "I can." We hope that, by illuminating youth voices, we will empower young artists, writers, and musicians everywhere and fuel this generation's flame-like passion to be part of the solution.

When a fire is kindled, it only knows how to grow.

This is the essence of The Incandescent Review.

Meet The Founders

The Incandescent Review  was founded by artist & writer Ariel Kim as the CEO & Editor-in-Chief and a founding executive board committee of the following members:

Esther Kim (Founding Creative Writing Director), Sofia Miller (Founding Art & Design Director), Ocean Wei (Founding Critical Writing Team Director), Minnie Zhang (Founding Director of The Incandescent Studio), Ethan Phan (Founding Finance Manager), Samson Zhang (Founding Video & Spoken Word Director ), Emily Huang (Founding General Manager), and Annie Guo (Founding Marketing Director).

Think you'd make a great addition to the team?

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