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The Incandescent Studio now has its own website! Click here for our new program details page.

An Experience Like No Other.

At the Incandescent Studio, we fuse the personalization of a classic mentorship with the uplifting spirit of a writers’ community. We pair emerging young writers (ages 11-14~) with highly qualified, experienced writers throughout the youth literary community.

Each week, mentees attend live workshops hosted by mentors and exclusive guest speakers, communal peer-editing sessions, and meet one-on-one with their mentor for individualized discussion and guidance. Throughout our five weeks, we'll also introduce mentees to the literary magazine publication process by working with them to compile and publish their own Studio anthology. We offer our students the opportunity to produce and edit up to two articles of their choice for publication on our site.


As a virtual program, we welcome writers from all over the world to apply.

Apply below! Mentee applications for the 2021 Incandescent Studio program will close on June 20th. 

Mentee applications are now closed. 

NOTE: If you identify as a member of the Indigenous community or were referred to our program through Native Teaching Aids, please email us at and we will look for ways to accomodate your application at any time.  

July 18 -August 22, 2021

Meet Your Mentors

It's intimidating to work with professional writers -- our youth mentors will work hands-on with mentees to enhance their voice while sharing stories of their own writing journey. Our mentor cohort includes National Student Poets, Scholastic Art & Writing Best-In-Grade Medalists, YoungArts Finalists, Pushcart Prize nominees, Adroit Prize recepients, and more. Many mentors are also alumni of programs such as the Iowa Young Writers Studio, the Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop, and the Adroit Journal Mentorship Program.

Read Our Studio Anthology

Take a look at last year's student-created anthology!

Guaranteed Publication

Explore past mentee writings.



from past


"...My experience with my mentor was very formative. There were so many things I didn’t take into consideration when I was writing that now I do because of her and because she’s instilled the importance of it..."

"...I'm really proud of the number of pieces I was able to write during this program- I think it's the most I've written in such a relatively short amount of time! The feedback that my mentor (as well as my peers, during peer editing) was invaluable in polishing my work. Hearing what a fellow writer had to say was very important to me, and getting pieces of feedback specifically meant for me was splendid...I think my mentor really fulfilled her role as an older writer guiding me through the writing world."

Dive into an experience like no other!


April 16 -  Mentor Applications Open
May 7 -  Mentor Applications Close
Week of May 23 -  Mentor Decisions Released! 
May 23 -  Mentee Applications Open
June 20 -  Mentee Applications Close
June 28 to 30 -  Mentee Decisions Released!
July 18 - August 22 - Studio Duration


It is free to apply to the Incandescent Studio for both mentors and mentees.


The Incandescent Studio is a fundraiser for UNiCEF USA. 80% of our proceeds go to UNICEF USA; the remaining 20% supports The Incandescent Review as a whole. 

Our tuition is 99$ per mentee. 

We're proud to offer a robust financial aid for all the talented mentees that demonstrate financial need. Our applications are read need-blind; our application readers have no connection to our finance team. 

Have More Questions?

Email us at with the subject line, "Attn: The Incandescent Studio_Inquiry."

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