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A Moonlight Scenery

Artwork by Rita Chen, staff artist

By Lucia Xiao

A starry sky lies before me, one of dreams and delight

It glistens as diamonds would when they are uncovered from the hearth

It is as fluorescent as a wishful lantern sent above the world

I watch the constellations dance upon their feet

Their movements are gentle like leaves of autumn that lovingly cradle the ground

I look on, and from the far distance, a waving sailer smiles

He looks at me and all I can see are the shadows of his face, calling

The echo of a bird flying hits the sky

Fluttering feathers surround me like petals

As I stare below my feet to glance at my reflection, I realize the truth

The water is like a blanket

It caresses the soul like how a mother would calm a crying infant

The breeze is like a painter’s hand

Its fingers brush my cheek delicately

I look up at the milky world above my head

Come to me, it says

Come to me


Contributor's Note: I want to thank my mentor Nicole, for helping me come up with ideas for my poetry and helping me grow! Moonlight Scenery depicts a writing of a memory brought to life by my own creation. I added some elements of fantasy mixed in with the realism to give it a magical feel that seems more peaceful. I enjoyed working with metaphors to transform my writing into something alive that others can enjoy.

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