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This is One Day of Many after William Wordsworth

Artwork by Michelle Dong, staff artist

did anyone ever tell you that the world is too much without us, Mr. Wordsworth?

every day of our lives we’re inching

closer and closer to securing luck,

wrapping our palms around some sort of divineness.

while we wait for that strange succession of events,

we will sweeten honeycomb for the ones who haven’t tasted it yet.

we need our halos while we still remain here,

trying to see whose casts the brightest glow

In the golden haze of now.

we’ll get lost at sea one day and rediscover Atlantis

where the creatures dwell in coral-covered palaces.

The metallic grind of my day doesn’t soothe my soul either, William.

Yet, we contain multiple suns,

Won’t you let me show you yours?

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