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the pain you inflicted

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

How does it feel

to be punished

for just existing,

To be ripped apart and


as a canvas

for those who leave their marks

when they choose?

I have open wounds

that never sealed,

Layers of jagged scars

that built sloping towers,

Muscle and meat eroded

from the exposure

to the slashing fleets of hail and

suffocating gusts of tornado winds

that drown

my cries.

My purity was stripped

and stolen

over a decade ago,

yet the details are still

so clearly etched

into my mind

like the

countless initials

carved into

my flesh.

- a tree

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1 Comment

Jul 14, 2020

ahh i love the twist and the duality of this piece-how it unexpectedly touches upon two relevant topics at once.

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