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Siri play a loaded glance

This music

Of snow of ice

Of darkness

Of the pain that

Wrenches maps

To her to him

Up through your throat

Is too beautiful

For the screen it

Plays out of,

The youtube screen

It swoons from.

It should be

Humming through

The nimblest of fingers

Splayed on water

The air so cold

Each breath is

A frosted twirl

The tune they dance to

Is only adante blinks and

Steam is their only pause

The kind that hangs like

Wind-blown sails

That fall with abandon,

Knowing the mast

Will catch her

Before she

Hits the sea.

It should be

Ringing in the ears of

A society darling,

Waltzing along asphalt

Covered in frost

As she stumbles


Ears kissed open

Listening for a whisper

Having learned that

Love is too

Intertwined with loss

To discern

A heart breaking

From a hand-warmed


It should be

Scratching out of

A war-torn record

In some seedy club

Where the man in the back

Drains his whiskey

With loss-stained teeth

And drawls,

“Play something

everyone has heard before

but no one has ever

listened to

so that we may dance

like we

are falling in love



Esti Goldstein is seventeen years old and lives in Shaker Heights, Ohio where she has long been inspired by the beauty of the suburbs where she is especially grateful for autumn. Much of her inspiration comes from her own life, the current culture (no, Snapchat is not included), and the stories that she has been told. You can often find her running, laughing with friends, writing (of course), and her mother’s favorite: doing nothing, which she would rather call daydreaming.

Isabelle Lu is a 16-year-old creative from Long Island, New York. She is a winner of the New York Times Student Editorial Contest and the Scribe Writing Contest in poetry. She likes collecting strange earrings, which when worn may hinder activities like playing the cello and putting on sweaters. In her daily life, she can be found doodling and enthusing about books to unsuspecting innocents. Her art career began with magical girls.

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1 Comment

Mar 15, 2021

Just beautiful!

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