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Gaia's Pride

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Art by Michelle Dong

Elegant lady in azure, dancing in the dark,

An ancient pirouette, as old as The Big Bang’s quark.

With a pearly gem adorning her side,

She loops and spins with a confident pride. 

A pride that rests in the motherhood of life,

Of bluejay songs more melodious than a fife.

Of haunting sounds of the humpback whale,

Singing the glories of Gaia’s tale.

Rapturous, her tears did the oceans create,

From their waters did spring the guardians of her fate.

 Guardians, beautiful and unique, like ferns on a flake,

Anointed by time, masters of her creation did she make.

Thoughtful and wise in the secrets of Gaia’s way,

Worthy guardians of creation, they did themselves portray.

But they became a cancerous eruption, a viciously cruel breed,

They raped and pillaged, displaying their ravenous greed. 

Hopeful, as she dances her pain away,

The pride of motherhood, did her guardians betray.

In a mother’s heart, hope will always sustain,

That the goodness in her, will her guardians retain. 

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2 comentários

pride is a sin


Rebecca Cho
Rebecca Cho
13 de jul. de 2020

I love this portrayal of the planet and the imagery here is brilliant!!

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