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Brimming with Herself

Artwork by Aldwin Li, staff artist

“Must be too young for it…”

…black lipstick on the brim of it,

to vie for the ol’ breath of it.

When vanilla licks the well of it,

he’ll blame her for sipping it.

It’s brimming with such bitterness.

She’ll bleed it out slowly.

“Could be too late for her…”

…fissures above the hips of her,

to lose lovers tripping into her.

He set a mug in that heart of hers;

he’ll make her reach for it herself.

It’s brimming with such endurance.

She’ll end it for them slowly.

“Should be too much for one…”

…dopamine on the mind of one,

to turn cool on the tongue of one.

Slug it quick enough without one

doubt that you’ll brew a new one.

It’s brimming with such tenderness.

She’ll savor its discomfort slowly.

She slides down the side of the coffee bar,

brimming with his silence, clutching at that bar,

burning in the puddles dripping from the bar,

staining brown on her shoes, seeing through the bar.

(She holds the coffee pot

like a baby in her arms.)

She realizes, rises; she raises the bar.

It’s wholly brimming with herself.

She’ll come to know her slowly.

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