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becoming an ocean

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Art by Aldwin Li, staff artist

home is a warm quilt

murmuring into the hush,

the lambent sunlight

reflecting off mirrored glass.

home is subdued colors

tinting the air with shades of blue,

the gentle sounds of piano

seeping under the floorboard.

home is a lavender thrill

trembling through my shoulders,

a myopic shrike

warbling on dawn-streaked wings.

home is lush daydreams

streaking across purpled skies,

the quiet gloaming

hovering just beyond the horizon.

home is bruised knees

soothed by dulcified voices,

a pellucid peace

pearling into droplets of poesy.

home is a bedroom, a child,

a mismatch of ill-fitting

puzzle pieces, a chrysalis

of gangly adolescence and



Alina is a poetry and prose contributor for The Incandescent Review.

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