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2020 Entertainer of The Year

Artwork by Joanna Chen, staff artist

I want the encore to the same ol’ show again.

the regular gatherings of young troubadours

breaking bread just because.

“because” being the nebulous cloud of longevity

hanging over their futures in the industry or simply the gratification of camaraderie & inviting music.

we’re missing the tedium of watching a stick of

butter being passed around by jubilant hands at the table

as voices glissando into some mighty rhapsody on the many epics of come ups & heartbreaks & lovey-dovey cantabiles laden with duets and acoustic guitars.

the after-shows were dandy and luminescent,

kinda like the people who managed to catapult me into the cosmos, when the typical tracks I listened to no longer had the stamina to hoist me into the beyond. if you listen, you have a keen ear,

the echoes of crisp trumpets and whimsical violins still vibrate when the stars fall down.

I recall the orchestra trying to maneuver the

movement the same way I dissected the symphonies they would play: a quartet of saxophones promising me a lush paradise, piano man singing to me with a diamond heart, the round baritone serenading me with swan songs of a foreign tongue .

And I, myself, complying with that rhythm of trap hi-hats and syncopated drums,

setting my sights into motion for another year of offbeat clapping and praying I get back to the right tempo without struggling,

wishing I had never picked this particular album

to be my soundtrack and communion.

this time I’ve learned my lesson

not to fall victim to the cacophony

of instruments breaking on a wooden floor

when the ditty playing in my headphones

isn’t enough to drown out the havoc

ravaging the stage. I don’t like bad musicians

and people who’ve decided to join the

game, too much fluff and brash tone, not enough

grit or grunge.

once I get my groove back,

I’ll be born again and better prepared for handling the industry

like I thought I was.

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