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Annie Guo

Marketing Director

Annie Guo is a high school Junior from White Plains, NY, and is another proud Kenyon Review YWW alumni. She is very passionate about writing and the arts and some of her work has been awarded by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Moreover in the arts, Annie loves to dance especially to matters related to Korean Pop and Hip-Hop. She has a dance account on Instagram (@anniexguo) where she has accumulated over 25,000 followers for her K-pop related dance covers. Having attended the Student Diversity Leadership Conference in 2019, Annie has also recently been more passionate about global issues related to COVID-19, racism, and her personal identity and oftentimes expresses and educates others on her opinions and sentiments on such matters on her platform on Instagram. When she isn't drowning in schoolwork or any of her academic extracurriculars, Annie can be found blasting and dancing to music late at night.

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