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Seward's Fortune

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

A so-called folly filled with wonders untold,

A massive, marvelous, magical land with natural beauty to behold.

Landscapes drawn by Michelangelo’s hand,

A sirenic beauty that none can withstand.

Looming jagged apexes soaring to the sky,

Guarding the place where Gaia’s secrets lie.

Centuries of beauty locked in its truest hue,

Whites are the whitest and the blues, are so blue.

Away from the fray in the Land of Skagway,

Calmness reigns and peace is the way.

Couples in love stand in a tight warm bond, 

As a brisk breeze blows across the icy pond.

Scintillating nights where the Aurora ripples through the sky,

It’s where Liberty’s eagles soar and fly high.

With streams full of salmon coming home to spawn,

A place where the Sun lives from nearly dusk to dawn.

Ketchikan, it’s where ancient tongues whisper in the wind,

The valor of great warriors lest their memories rescind.

Totems stand tall to declare the victors of war,

Reciting their stories in carvings and folklore.

A feast for the eyes that lingers in the mind,

Like a goldmine full beauty, the ultimate Klondike find.

The Last Frontier, and Seward’s Folly no more,

A pristine fortune of greenness, for the soul to restore.

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Unknown member
May 04, 2020

This is beautiful Khushie!

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