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Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Art by Angela Liu

Tempestuous and piercing

thoughts stab into your focus,


And leaving you dazed.

Racing thoughts echo in hollow channels,

Each challenging the others

To see who can



Close your mind.

Gather your sanity.

Block the searing pain

that threatens to take control.

Like a candle

Bringing light from the shadows,

Tranquility welcomes you.

A hush falls over your ears,

Calming the beasts

that reside in your head.

The flame swells into a haven

of security and warmth.



Your used, weary, and shattered mind.


The monsters soon awaken,

Their roars and screams


Slashing and burning the remnants

scattered from their previous demolition.

Dull, persistent pounding

tormenting once again.

Your candle shudders,

flickers twice,

then snuffs out.

All that’s left is

the lingering soft whisper

of the serenity that

once saved you.

Come back to reality.

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