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Artwork by Joanna Chen, staff artist

Her thoughts deified before her eyes:

every word a manifesto,

every action an execution.

She, ascendant

She, dropped from the cross

like a wounded sparrow.

like a broken spearhead.

bone with time becomes treasure

She smiles like She knows

She bites down on millions

spitting out blood money

and clenching her fists

a step up the hill

a light from where She can almost see it

She, the zenith

She, raging

“forgotten” is a funny word

She thinks

when it comes back to bite you

Medieval folklore tells the story of Lilith, the first wife of Adam. Preceding Eve as the first woman in paradise, Lilith insisted on her status and power being equal to Adam’s. Adam was threatened, and the couple fought incessantly until Lilith fled paradise, her whereabouts thereafter unknown.


Saule Konstantinavicius is 18 years old and currently lives in Westchester, NY. She has always held a love of writing, spending hours crafting worlds and characters as a child. Poetry holds a special place in her heart. She has received a golden and silver key for writing, as well as honorable mentions, from Scholastic. She is inspired by the beauty of language and its unique ability to convey emotions and experiences to others. Writing, in her opinion, is one of the most important means of creating connection and empathy between those who might otherwise not understand each other. It gives each individual experience a voice. She is extremely excited to be working with The Incandescent, and looks forward to all of the talent she will see in the future.

Joanna Chen is a junior at Jericho High School. She is passionate about art, dancing, and public speaking. Her artworks have earned her awards from the Scholastics Art and Writing Awards and the Youth World Cup Painting Competition. Through her passion for volunteering, she was a part of the Uganda Kasangula School Online Project. In her free time, she is an enthusiast of true crime and an avid napper.

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