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Artwork by Jenna Tse, staff artist

we have an obsession

with genius. usually, what is easy is false, and what is

understandable is not worth our time.

we have so little time.

genius cannot be monopolized, and we can get

into the Metropolitan Museum of Art for free

on weekends. Einstein did not use bookmarks, and the man with

the monocle is a fantastic storyteller. genius writes us a lullaby

for every first Saturday of each month. we kiss the doodles

on half-painted walls, formulas on dorm room windows,

treble clefs at the bottom of an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and

the applause from an audience of people who are not genius

enough. i want the movie to end

with a diegetic song. genius comes at a cost, but

come to New York City. don’t you want to see a billboard

strewn across Times Square in eight identical pieces?

we have so much time

left. canted framing intrigues me no longer;

i hope for an ending in which the camera pans

to a cynic wearing black jeans and a cashmere

sweater. their nails are unpainted, and genius is the original sin.

with one hand, i am holding a textbook. have you

lost your place? i always use bookmarks.

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