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Aria for the Sixth

I love the way Romeo and Juliet did

Beseeching time and rivalry to stop

While the audience holds its breath

Muttered into prayer-clasped hands

A motion that sings of tragedy

Undone and done.

We loved the way Icarus loved the sun

I sewed the wings, you broke the window

We kissed “higher” always higher

I melted the wax, you broke our fall

We kissed the starstruck waves

Eyes locked, sinking slow

Done and undone.

There is a freckle on your left ear

Which I will never kiss

And for that and other things I’m sorry.

This is not a ballad anymore

It is a regret.


Esti Goldstein is seventeen years old and lives in Shaker Heights, Ohio where she has long been inspired by the beauty of the suburbs where she is especially grateful for autumn. Much of her inspiration comes from her own life, the current culture (no, Snapchat is not included), and the stories that she has been told. You can often find her running, laughing with friends, writing (of course), and her mother’s favorite: doing nothing, which she would rather call daydreaming.

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