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Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Art by Kate Ma

It was easy.

Silver blade draws a trembling line

and slices past awning marzipan smooth skin.

Cherry jam flows over icing

painting supple coating a vivid rose red.

Mouth hungers at scarlet swirls,

As wondrous eyes devour the bittersweet sight.

Too easy.

In hand lies venomed medicine,

the deadliest dessert of a poisoned feast.

It’s swallowed down a dark abyss;

fifty sweets shine a path to waiting shadows.

Then blinding light and shrill bells ring

as the deadly cure trades black for sobbing screams.

Terrifyingly easy.

Final flash of silver lighting

then a shattering glass plate and broken crumbs.

Once white walls and floor stained wine red

leaving no echo…

only fatal silence.


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2 Yorum

man if i wrote that ill be put in physiological evaluation


man thats pretty edgy

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