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The Incandescent Review is a nonprofit that relies on donations and writer contributions in order to operate. Your contribution would greatly support our mission of illuminating youth voices and allow us to continue our magazine, blog, and other projects for years to come. 

We offer extensive feedback by our creative writing team for prose and poetry submissions for $15.00. We provide general feedback on plot, characterization, development, story organization, and big-picture ideas, as well as line-by-line feedback comments on imagery, diction, tone, and syntax throughout the piece. Feedback will be returned within 2 weeks of the request.


Please email the submissions you would like feedback for to with the subject heading, "Attn: Feedback_[Genre]_Submission." Please note that your work will automatically be considered for our upcoming issue (unless requested otherwise in your email), however, it is not guaranteed publication.


In order to request feedback, follow the Submission Guidelines and Paypal us. Please make sure your email subject line follows the guidelines in order for our editors to identify your work.


Visit our Paypal here and type in the amount of money in USD in the space provided. In the add a note prompt, please write “[Your Name] - [Name of Submission]” and select the option ‘sending to a friend’ rather than ‘paying for goods or a service.’ Then, follow Paypal's steps to complete your payment. 


Please email us at with any questions.


We look forward to reviewing your work, and thank you for your support!

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