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Siddhartha's Plea

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Art by Kate Ma

Benevolent Universe, I call out to thee,

For I’m told I’m made of you and that you are of me.

Full of wishes and wants, prayers and pleas,

Oh Universe, I beg you, Awaken me please.

Ubiquitous Universe, explain your perverted plays,

For Kāla churns forward and my locks show grays.

 Life in luxury’s lap, full of faux facades of success,

Oh Universe, an end to this cycle of decrepit ends is for which I obsess.

Divine Universe, dispel your duplicitous dance,

Why prepare me for greatness, then one day end me in a glance?

Flying pennants of royalty atop gilded palaces glowing with glittery gold,

Oh Universe, you allure the ego with blandishments, keeping the secret of eternal bliss untold?

Dynamic Universe, this soul seeks to travel the path never tread,

This mind yearns to know the unknown, where the "I" and the "me" are left unsaid.

This soul yearns to realize true oneness in your blissful light,

Oh Universe, will you dissolve this self in Unity and grant Divine Insight?

Harmonious Universe, what is the purpose of this life?

When vision is clouded by Maya, and the soul's vessel ravaged by karmic strife.

Taunted by regrets and druthers for chances that are missed,

Oh Universe, why is life’s journey a treacherously torturous twist?

Alluring Universe, why build lofty castles in the sky?

When spring’s flowers will surely wither and in autumn leaves run dry.

I’ve persevered to understand and searched for the Truth,

Oh Universe, will you show me The Path to Nirvana at last, forsooth?

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May 18, 2020


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