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oedipus at the nightclub

i carve my eyes out on a platter,

sclera frothing forth like champagne.

the electric god dines out tonight,

gold tooth gorged on strobes of color.

in this world bodies do not dance

but contort white silence like an oracle.

every prophecy swallows their faces,

sucking lip and foot at the club.

the insides of their mouths are silvered bitter,

sins at the seam of dulcified drouth.

underneath the neon moon i devour,

trade soul-piece for power till i burst.

in this life i will gamble my mother’s love

trace her palms with the blood of my father

when i am soothsayer truthslayer

even the rust lines will blur into hindsight

a smoothened sax-tune of primordial light:

spoken broken bokeh

bathe my mouth in blue

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