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Updated: Jan 24, 2022

the scream of the patterned azure

as its skin is defiled by the excess

of man’s most impressive monster.

and the olive jade skeletons that mourn

their littered brothers and sisters.

siblings that become one with the mother.

their bodies torn from their feet

to satisfy man’s thirst for art,

speech, beauty. the scurrying creatures

watch as their havens are destroyed

and wonder how they will continue

to live on now. how they will endure

with a constant yearning

and no place to call home.

corpses sacrificed

to please the bloodthirsty horror

named mankind while the

celestial sphere, bound on the rock,

faces the eagle every day unable

to make a stand.

helpless as it watches earth burn

and the fire’s companion

soar up to it and pierce its flesh.

the azure plots its revenge

against the beast named man

and watches as the beast feels

the heat grow after each turn

of the earth. observing the beast’s

discomfort, knowing that the monster

would suffer for its horrors.


Bio: Daniel Kim is a rising freshman writer located in Maryland. He has achieved acknowledged status as a writer including being a mentee in the Incandescent Summer Studio and being a regionally recognized writer by the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards. When not writing, he can be found playing lacrosse or basketball and playing games with friends.

The Incandescent Studio Blog Series

Note: photo credit to Wix

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