Interested in creative writing, journalism, art/ design, video editing, spoken word, marketing, and more? Does speaking out about relevant social & global issues while actively making a difference by crafting wide-scale fundraising efforts using arts-related premises pique your interest?


Fill out our application! Upon acceptance, we will be in touch with you via email.


  • To apply, you must be of the ages 13-22 years old.

  • To prevent conflict of interest, we are not accepting applications from staff of other internationally-staffed, exclusively student-run literary magazines. For example, publications that consider submissions limited to a region or school do not apply to this restriction; magazines like Polyphony Lit also do not apply, as their directors are college graduates.

  • Simultaneous applications are allowed; however, once accepted to the team, you must withdraw your application as soon as possible.


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Deadline to apply: July 9

  • PUBLIC speaking/perform; conduct interviews, spoken words, podcasts, and are performers for ads

  • VIDEO editing/design; create and edit videos raising awareness, spoken words, and in charge of general production of video content for the literary magazine


Applications accepted on a rolling basis

  • UPDATE the website

  • DOUBLE as an art editor during submissions period, and choose art for the literary magazine

  • STAFF artist

  • DESIGN covers/manage designs of blog posts


Applications accepted on a rolling basis

  • WRITE blog post for journalism (news, editorials, podcasts) and culture reviews (music, books, movies, etc.)

  • DOUBLE as blog submission readers during submission period and give rationale for decisions


Applications accepted on a rolling basis

  • WRITE poetry and prose pieces for the blog page

  • POETRY and prose reader/editor; double as submission readers during submission period and give rationale for decisions


Deadline to apply: July 9

  • An interdisciplinary team

  • For those looking to make a difference

  • ORGANIZE events, fundraisers, posts

  • WRITE articles, record podcasts

  • COMPILE resources to help causes


Applications accepted on a rolling basis

  • STRATEGIZE plans and courses of action for Google SEO, social media, interviews, business negotiations, partnerships, journalism opportunities, and sponsorships

  • CONSTRUCT email marketing schemes and interactions across the globe for the mentioned aspects above

  • BE INVOLVED in focused long-term OUTREACH (i.e managing social media accounts and forming business opportunities)

  • DESIGN social media graphics and newsletter posts

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