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The Incandescent Film Festival

Fostering Expression Through Cinema

The Incandescent Film Festival is a captivating event designed to celebrate the power of youth voices and diverse representation on the silver screen. Through the lens of a camera, we aim to kindle a vibrant flame of creativity, nurturing a new generation of visionary storytellers. Experience the magic as we illuminate the world with captivating films that ignite hearts and change!​​

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Film Festival applications are now open. 

Submission Guidelines & Criteria

  • Film Submission Criteria

    • Video must be submitted in link form (YouTube or Vimeo)

    • Any form of appropriate Film/Cinematography may be used

    • Submission must be between 3 and 30 minutes

    • Submissions must be in English although participants may add in words from other languages given they provide an accompanying text with the translation

    • Groups may have no more than 5 participants

    • Participants must be no older than 19 years old of age

  • Winners Will be Judged on: 

    • Original Content

    • Creativity (Use of props, background design, theme, etc.)

    • Overall Production

  • All submissions must have a 200 to 600 word accompanying text explaining the story of their production, why they created the production, and additional info about their production. This should be submitted in the form of a Google Doc link.



Absolutely no hate speech or graphic imagery are allowed. The Incandescent Review reserves the right to reject submissions on the grounds of hateful behavior.

Festival Timeline


June 10


Film Festival submissions open

August 6


Film Festival submissions close

August 13


Winners notified

lighting_practice - Jenna - Jenna.jpg

August 15


Projects featured on Incandescent Film & Spoken Word and published on media outlets

August 17


YouTube livestream to celebrate winners


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1st Place


2nd Place



3rd Place


NOTE: These prizes are designated for the top three placements in the 'Film' category. Honorable Mentions will also be released, but they will not receive any compensation.

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Submit Here

Have More Questions?

Email us at with the subject line, "Attn: The Incandescent Film Festival_Inquiry."

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