We are an entirely non-profit, teen-run literary magazine, and our team hails from across the globe: from New Delhi to Shanghai, from Athens to San Francisco. Our purpose is to create a platform for teens and young adults to express their opinions and emotional response to world issues in the form of the arts in various mediums. We also hope to be part of the solution to world problems such as global warming and COVID-19 through various arts-based fundraising projects.

We hope that, by illuminating youth voices, we will empower young artists, writers, and musicians everywhere and fuel this generation's flame-like passion to be part of the solution.

When a fire is kindled, it only knows how to grow.

This is the essence of The Incandescent Review.

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In this issue of The Incandescent Review, we invited youth—once again—to explore and embrace their voices on the issues impacting their psyches, from global to introspective.

Our purpose as a magazine, as always, is to amplify these voices on our platform and fuel important conversations. Conversation is the instigator of change, and through these small changes, we hope to contribute to a better future founded on empathy, respect, and thoughtfulness.

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Explore content exploring issues ranging from body image to the presidential elections, expressed through a diverse spectrum of mediums & perspectives. Read a review on Ocean Vuong’s latest novel; listen to a podcast discussing racism during the pandemic; peruse an interview featuring Franny Choi's advice for young writers. 

Submit work— film, podcasts, interviews, editorials, & more— to be featured on this global platform.

Art by  Aldwin Li, staff artist

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We are open to submissions of art music for the 2020 September/November issue. Submit by TBD.


We're open to rolling submissions of spoken word poetry and film pieces to be selected for weekly highlights on our YouTube channel.


We aim to build a team which will make an impact on issues through arts-related fundraising projects, journalism, activism, and more. Learn more about the staff positions available and how you could contribute to The Incandescent Movement below!


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