Navya Bhagat

Marketing Team

A driven, observant, and opinionated individual, Navya Bhagat is a 14 year old student studying at Sushila Birla Girls' School. She has a penchant for speaking and this is visible through her active participation in various MUNs and her work experience over an internship at IMUN during the summer. Apart from being a remarkable speaker, she is an outstanding golf player, and a student with a credible and consistent academic performance. She is also a recipient of the Monomousumi essay writing award and is immensely fond of writing. Achievements aside, Navya truly believes in standing tall against the wrongs in life and therefore is heading a diverse range of community projects. She is not only the co-founder of the Launch Pad, an initiative striving hard to put an end to menstrual inequity, but also a volunteer at Behtar India, Prayaas Corps, and teen talks.